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About Up in the Attic

June 19, 2015

Up in the Attic

by Cathy Rueter


Cracking open the door, what do we find? Dusty old furniture, forgotten in time.

Over in the corner, a beloved rocking horse, patiently awaiting a new playmate, of course.

What wonderful treasures are hidden away? Letters and books, photos faded to gray.

Packed away gently in box and in basket, there’s no telling what we might find up in the attic.



You may have noticed the poem I wrote on the home page.

Sometimes my brain seems much like that poetic attic. Many things are hidden away up there, just waiting to be discovered. There are a lot of things I’m interested in and have tucked away up in those dusty corners.

Care to join me? We’re sure to find books up there. Those I’ve read, one or two sitting by my bedside and maybe what I’m working on. We’ll probably find an article or two (or three or four) on everything from fashion for the frugal, to educational issues, to recipes for the allergy prone. There’s bound to be some sentences about this business of writing and a link or two to things I’m passionate about.

There are a lot of ideas, bits and pieces of information, and words up there needing to tumble out, down the stairs and onto the page. So come along with me as I head up into the attic to unpack. I’d love to have you along for the exploration. Bring along a dust rag, will you? All those cobwebs!

About Me

June 18, 2015

About Me:

I am a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, friend, allergy afflicted, frugally minded, mystery book reader and writer, former small town news reporter, and class “A” day dreamer. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Grand Valley State University, when it was still in college status. I’ve been published over 300 times – if I’m allowed to count the multiple weekly deadlines during my three year stint as a reporter and seven years as a newsletter editor – all in the same small town outside of Grand Rapids, MI. Anyone who knows me is aware of my horrible sense of driving direction ~ Google.Maps is a close and personal friend! So I guess it’s no wonder I’ve taken a few detours in this writing life. Too bad I didn’t have a GPS for that as well!

I currently live in the Greater DFW, Texas area with my family and a Betta fish named Indigo. He’s supposed to keep me company in this solitary life as a writer ~ but mainly he just looks to me for food. UITA_AboutMe_BlueWall_2015©PPP_0649Still, I talk to him. Good thing he can’t divulge any of my plot twists! (Update: sadly, poor Indigo went to fishy heaven just months before we moved closer into the DFW metropolis. RIP Indigo.)