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Mango Salsa

August 25, 2015

Mango Salsa

From the Kitchen of Cathy Rueter at Up in the Attic ‎

*Note: Another no cook dish! This one is perfect with chicken, cracker chips, salad, scooper chips, fish…any dish in which you need a fresh topping or scooping side. I love this with gluten free sea salt crackers from Aldi’s.

I’m currently on a black bean kick, so I’d probably like this over a dish of warmed homemade black beans. And since I am going to share my friends recipe for Homemade Black Beans next week, guess what I’m going to try them with!

Mango Salsa

Serves: 2

Necessary items: medium size bowl

Time: Prep time 20-30 minutes, wait time approximately 30 minutes, cook time – zero!



1 ½ cups diced mango

½ cup diced, fresh pineapple

¾ cup diced tomatoes (or cherry tomatoes, quartered)

½ cup diced orange bell pepper

½ cup diced cucumber

⅛ cup green onions, sliced thin (3-4 Tbl of chives would work well in place of green onions)

⅛ tsp pepper or to taste

½ tsp salt or to taste



Dice all fruit and vegetable ingredients.

Drain excess juice.

Put all fruit and vegetable ingredients in bowl with salt and pepper and thoroughly stir.

Cover bowl and let sit for approximately 30 minutes (if longer than 30 minutes before serving, store in refrigerator and remove to warm for 30 minutes before serving), thoroughly stir again.


Serve over chicken, fish, or rice. Use for salsa dip with crackers, chips, etc.






From the kitchen of Up in the Attic with Cathy Rueter © 2015



Up In The Attic

June 19, 2015

Cracking open the door, what do we find? Dusty old furniture, forgotten in time.
Over in the corner, a beloved rocking horse, patiently awaiting a new playmate, of course.
What wonderful treasures are hidden away? Letters and books, photos faded to gray.
Packed away gently in box and basket, there’s no telling what we might find up in the attic.

                                                                                                                                               by Cathy Rueter