Thank You Notes

I have some thanking to do. And what better place than in my Thank You Notes? I have many family and friends from Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Germany and other parts of the globe that deserve thanks for their support and encouragement. You all know who you are; I hope you know how much I appreciate you. The following, however, are some specific thanks that need to be said.

To my Heavenly Father for putting this gift of writing in my head and at my fingertips. I pray you will continue to keep me grounded, use my gift to your Glory, and help me keep all those stories filed away up there in that attic of mine until I can get to them. May they not be too yellowed with time by the time I get there.

To my three guys, Mr. A, Older and Younger. Thank you for your encouragement, supporting my love of words and putting up with my endless questions about technology, websites, blogging, photography and books. SYLLYB!

To my parents, Sharon & Jack. And Ken. Thank you for passing along your love of reading to me, and for giving me the freedom to read in the car instead of watching for directions like I probably should have been.

Mom, your gentle insistence that I use proper grammar has served me well and I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Sharing books back & forth with you has been, is now and always will be fun and a wonderful gift. I love you!

Dad, thanks for the HOURS you sat and listened to me read aloud when I struggled with it in school. And your guidance to a shy young artist is beyond words…May the Wind always be in your Willows! Consider yourself hugged!

And to my father in Heaven, Ken. I never look at a western genre book without thinking of you. Thank you for letting me see you with a book in your hand as often as I did a hammer. You are missed!

To Sheila Stone of Personal Perspectives Photography for your beautiful photography for this site. You rock! Thank you for catching ‘my vision’ and bringing it to life.

To Ida N. and Cassie G. for so generously entrusting me with several special props for the vignette photos. The ‘attic’ would not have looked half so cool without them.

To my writing friends from the DFW Chapter of ACFW  (American Christian Fiction Writers – ACFW), my online writing friends at AWAI  (American Writer’s and Artists, Inc.), and my friends with NICU Helping Hands Angel Gown, for your help, encouragement and calming attitudes when I texted, emailed or called with frantic questions or just plain nerves that were fraying.

I would also like to thank Diann S. and Historic Fort Worth, Inc. for allowing me the use of the as-yet-unrestored beautiful old ballroom/attic area of Thistle Hill, a gorgeous Fort Worth Historical and Cultural Landmark mansion. I can’t believe my good fortune for having been able to be in that special home. The history and magnificence of a by-gone era swirling around in those rooms were exactly what I was looking for to bring ‘Up in the Attic with Cathy Rueter’ to life.


  • Reply Sheila June 22, 2015 at 4:07 pm

    Cathy –
    Thank you so much for considering me for your photography needs. It was a real pleasure working with you and wish you tons of success! I look forward to working with you again (and again).



    • Reply June 22, 2015 at 4:24 pm

      Thank you Sheila! Looking forward to more as well! Tea party anyone?

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